I wanted to try out something I am not qualified for. Well, partly. I have zero experience blogging, writing - which makes this scary for me. But I have some experience on the intersection between startups and acquisitions, corporate innovation and them working with startups.

After I exited my startup early 2019 douzens of founders have approached me to discuss their exit strategy and help execute their startup acquisition process. I enjoy it immensely. Probably because I see I can be helpful. And I see same questions, issues come up again and again.

There is plenty of quality content online about building startups, ramping up sales, scaling growth. Can't say the same about how to run startup exits, do partnerships with corporates. Would you agree?

So I though - building a startup and then running an exit myself helps me relate to any founder contemplating selling their startup. Prior to that I had nine years of corporate finance experience at Deloitte, and Ernst&Young. I helped buy and sell businesses. It has helped me form some understanding how corporates think about partnerships, acquisitions, and how they make decisions. That's what allowed me to get my early traction startup acquired in six months by orchestrating a competitive bidding process. This was against the typical - IMHO flawed - advice I had heard out there - nurture your relationships, form partnerships with corporates and over time they will transition into conversation about acquisition.  

So that's why I decided to start this blog - to share some of my experience that I hope would be helpful for other founders thinking about their startup exit. And share here the startup acquisition experience of other founders.

As a test run, I posted on Medium How I got my early stage startup acquired in 6-months. I was thrilled about the positive feedback the post got:

That gave me the push I needed to start this blog.

Let's see how it goes.